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To: Fred Mudi

From unknown_dude

May 15, 2017 18:06

You should study this outta Silicon Valley:


Also thought you'd like these:

Checkmait The Gods https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4Z04nS_D_I

King Piece In The Chess Game by Slick Rick

Published on Oct 14, 2012
"The Art of Storytelling" Album.

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To: Fred Mudi

From: unknown_dude

Did you see this posted on April 15th?

btw... The tablet was absconded from a woman in Arizona by the Air Force's military police. Aiguo Sīkōng & The Collective obtained an exact reproduction/copy of the device. The only problem is your device will always be on. Even when the battery is "dead". So you might want to watch out for that.

Btw they can't unlock its encryption without your thumbs or eyes, so theres that too.

Also don't think about the thousands of secret scientists analyzing every move you make... that'll just make you nervous.

Safe travels


I'll send the cipher codes when the Iris scan is complete.

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12:10 p.m. ET Feb. 22, 2017 @


Study: People would rather not see the future, no matter what it holds. by Sean Rossman

It seems — if given the option — we should choose to see what our future holds. After all, we spend much of our time trying to protect ourselves from life's unknowns.

But German and Spanish researchers find most people would rather not know what is to come, whether the imminent circumstances are good or bad.

Scientists at the Berlin-based Max Planck Institute for Human Development and the University of Granada studied more than 2,000 people in Germany and Spain and picked their brains about potential future events. The participants were asked whether they'd like to know the outcome of a soccer game they planned to watch, their future Christmas gifts and whether their marriage would end in divorce.

A majority of people would not want to be aware of future upcoming negative events, researchers discovered. And even for positive events, responders preferred ignorance.

Barely any of those studied — about 1% — always wanted to know what life had in store.

The study's lead author Gerd Gigerenzer said people don't want to know their future "to avoid the suffering and regret that knowing the future may cause and also to maintain the enjoyment of suspense that pleasurable events provide."

Your willingness to peer into the future, the research found, also can tell you a bit about your personality. Those who wished not to know the future, the study found, were "more risk-averse and more frequently buy life and legal insurance than those who want to know the future."

The study also found the closer an event was, the more likely people didn't want to know about it. People who are older, researchers said, weren't as likely to want to know the cause and date of their death or that of a loved one compared to younger people. The only part of the survey in which most people wanted to know the future is when asked whether they'd want to know the future of their unborn child. Only about 37% said they'd rather be in the dark on their baby's gender.

"Not wanting to know appears counterintuitive and may raise eyebrows," Gigerenzer said. "But deliberate ignorance, as we've shown here, doesn't just exist; it is a widespread state of mind."
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Fred went on a hunch. Two other musical references had been mentioned in The Art of Yo. First was Cyndi Lauper. Fred pulled up the first return from Youtube:


Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick,
And think of you
Caught up in circles
Confusion is nothing new
Flashback, warm nights
Almost left behind
Suitcases of memories,
Time after
Sometimes you picture me
I'm walking too far ahead
You're calling to me, I can't hear
What you've said
Then you say, go slow
I fall behind
The second hand unwinds
If you're lost you can look and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you, I will be waiting
Time after time
If you're lost you can look and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you, I will be waiting
Time after time
After my picture fades and darkness has
Turned to gray
Watching through windows
You're wondering if I'm okay
Secrets stolen from deep inside
The drum beats out of time
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1.) Morning Star Lake: A.) a bright planet, especially Venus, when visible in the east before sunrise. Symbolised by the Pentagram. B.)The Septuagint renders הֵילֵל in Greek as ἑωσφόρος (heōsphoros), a name, literally "bringer of dawn", for the morning star. The word Lucifer is taken from the Latin Vulgate, which translates הֵילֵל as lucifer, meaning "the morning star, the planet Venus", or, as an adjective, "light-bringing".

2.) Ward Peak: noun: A.) a separate room in a hospital, typically one allocated to a particular type of patient.
"a children's ward" synonyms: room, department, unit, area, wing "the surgical ward" B.) an administrative division of a city or borough that typically elects and is represented by a councilor or councilors. synonyms: district, constituency, division, quarter, zone, parish C.) Verb: archaic; guard; protect.

3.) Olympic Peak: A.)adjective of or relating to the ancient city of Olympia or the Olympic Games. B.) No mortal could visit Mount Olympus. C.) Olympia. A plain of southern Greece in the northwest Peloponnesus. It was a religious center devoted to the worship of Zeus and the site of the ancient Olympic Games. The statue of the Olympian Zeus by Phidias was one of the Seven Wonders of the World. D.) Jesus translates as "Little Zeus".

4.) Twin Peaks: Twin Peaks is an American television serial drama created by Mark Frost and David Lynch. It follows an investigation headed by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) into the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) in the fictional town of Twin Peaks, Washington. Its pilot episode was broadcast on April 8, 1990 on ABC. Seven more episodes were produced, and the series was renewed for a second season that aired until June 10, 1991.

Twin Peaks explores the gulf between the veneer of small-town respectability and the seedier life beneath. As the series progresses, the inner darkness of characters who initially appeared innocent is revealed, and they are seen to lead double lives. Its unsettling tone and supernatural features are consistent with horror films,

5.) Pluto: Roman god of the underworld, from Latin Pluto, Pluton, from Greek Plouton "god of wealth," literally "wealth, riches," probably originally "overflowing," from PIE *pleu- "to flow" (see pluvial).

6.) Heaven's Gate: Gate to Heaven or/ Heaven's Gate was an American UFO religious millenarian group based in San Diego, California, founded in the early 1970s and led by Marshall Applewhite (1931–1997) and Bonnie Nettles (1927–1985).

7.) Devil's Peak: (in Christian and Jewish belief) the chief evil spirit; Satan. synonyms: Satan, Beelzebub, Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, the Evil One; informal old Nick.

8.) Hellhole: an oppressive or unbearable place.

9.) Van Vleck: J. H. van Vleck established the fundamentals of the quantum mechanical theory of magnetism and the crystal field theory (chemical bonding in metal complexes). He is regarded as the Father of Modern Magnetism.

During World War II, J. H. van Vleck worked on radar at the MIT Radiation Lab. He was half time at the Radiation Lab and half time on the staff at Harvard. He showed that at about 1.25-centimeter wavelength water molecules in the atmosphere would lead to troublesome absorption and that at 0.5-centimeter wavelength there would be a similar absorption by oxygen molecules. This was to have important consequences not just for military (and civil) radar systems but later for the new science of radio astronomy.

J. H. van Vleck participated in the Manhattan Project. In June 1942, J. Robert Oppenheimer held a summer study for confirming the concept and feasibility of nuclear weapon at the University of California, Berkeley. Eight theoretical scientists, including J. H. van Vleck, attended it. From July to September, the theoretical study group examined and developed the principles of atomic bomb design.

J. H. van Vleck's theoretical work led to establish the Los Alamos Nuclear Weapons Laboratory. He also served on the Los Alamos Review committee in 1943. The committee, established by General Leslie Groves, also consisted of W.K. Lewis of MIT, Chairman; E.L. Rose, of Jones & Lamson; E.B. Wilson of Harvard; and Richard C. Tolman, Vice Chairman of NDRC. The committee's important contribution (originating with Rose) was a reduction in the size of the firing gun for the Little Boy atomic bomb, a concept which eliminated additional design-weight and sped up production of the bomb for its eventual release over Hiroshima. However it was not employed for the Fat Man bomb at Nagasaki, which relied on implosion of a plutonium shell to reach critical mass.

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Angela was pissed, yet again. How could Fred just leave her like this? Not even a phone call? Frustrated, she paced around the house for a bit. Was it hot in here? She shed her sweater and decided to crank the stereo and clean up her house. Besides, she had nothing better to do until Fred got ahold of her again. She cleaned the dishes, did some laundry, sang into the bathroom mirror, snuck in a smoke and gathered the trash together in a bag. On her way to the rubbish bin she remembered what she had read from the link in Fred's sticky note:

"(Um, hey … has that garbage truck come yet? Anybody up for some dumpster diving?)"

She opened the lid and peeked inside on a premonition. The trash stank of rotting meat. On top of the garbage pile was a pizza box. On a hunch, she removed the box and snapped a picture of it with her phone. Whirling on her heel, she marched back to the house, yelling something unintelligible out to the aether. God how she wanted a new place to stay, someplace warm and safe. How long was it since she had seen the sun? She didn't remember exactly. All she knew was she had some spring cleaning to do.
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Fred awoke in a daze. He didn't remember. Did he black out? The neighbors stated he had been raging against someone on his phone through the wee hours of the morning. He had checked his network and no records of a late night phone call existed. And his phone was still awol. He spent the morning sorting through his things... even though he had checked his jacket first thing, it wasn't till hours later that he checked the jacket again. This time the phone was mysteriously in his pocket with a dead battery. "Strange" he thought. "I know it wasn't in there the first time I looked". Also his battery was dead but that didn't make sense either. it was nearly at 80% charge when he last used it. The battery still had dozens of hours of charge but it was dead. Just another oddity that he would have to file in his X-files drawer. Searching through the phone proved nothing more than what his intuition had already told him. One of the last texts he had sent to Angela had read:

"Can't make it through the door... something is blocking me" followed by,

"I'm on my way. If I get busted, it is on Lucifer"

Fred frantically searched his mind, blanks. All blanks. What the hell happened to him? He was unsure but the texts were very unsettling. He remembered everything up to 01:37 in the morning but by 02:00 there was 404 error in his brain. He sure hoped the name "Lucifer" was just some sarcastic remark but the more he considered the notion, the more he was perplexed by who, what, when, where and why.

"Damn military" he thought. Maybe the mysterious female caller had been right? It had been day three just as she had stated. Maybe they came for him in the night? Or maybe Fred screwed up and had blacked out? It still didn't explain his missing phone record. Must have been a fluke he surmised. One thing was for sure, he wasn't going to even look at a bottle for a very long time. Too much was at stake.

What was it that drove him to such irresponsible behavior? Why had he not listened to himself? It was almost as if something had forced him to dilute his brain. As if his conscious projections would somehow be dulled to the point of inversion. Nah. What was he thinking? That was all pseudoscience nonsense - right?

He went to his desk and shot out a final message. He was going dark. Dropping from the grid. His hacking had caused a shockwave that had echoed through the net and now it was getting too hot. He logged in and addressed the others:

Proof was in the pudding.
Sorry to all caught in the wake. It HAD to be done.
I release all judgment and preconceived notions.
I release all from bindings, spellings or cursives.
Love is the only truth.
I'm going dark.
Because I was asked to.
Besides, it will be easier to tune in the cold dark of silence.
When the stars have realigned, the songs of freedom shall be heard.
In the beginning there was the word. In the aftermath there was US.

Until further notice, F.M. - signing off.

Below: Published on Jan 27, 2017
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Every soul is sold (This is Rome)
The money not backed by gold (This is Rome)
Loans for your chariots and homes (This is Rome)
The Emperor has no clothes (This is Rome)
Russell Crowe just like me (This is Rome)
Everything a warrior can be (This is Rome)
Me and Jahmen fight the beast (This is Rome)
Joaquin Phoenix in the streets (This is Rome)
Every single motherfucker is confused (This is Rome)
The ugliest piece of ass in the room (This is Rome)
Nobody knows what they gon’ do (This is Rome)
Every talkin’ point is all true (This is Rome)
More conquests for the war chest (Rome)
Everybody wanna be the best (Rome)
Corruption is the path to respect (Rome)
Assassin with a knife to your neck (Rome)
The illusion is too much to bear (Rome)
History falls on deaf ears (Rome)
My ears still ringing from the cheers (Rome)
Till the wheels fall off no fear (Rome)
Prepare for the army to invade (Rome)
The good times are over Germaine (Rome)
Come here you, what is your name? (Rome)
Now they gon’ turn you to a slave (Rome)
Do you not like how I sing? (Rome)
Would you prefer to do your own thing? (Rome)
Come, let us be merry and drink (Rome)
How dare you not kneel, kiss the ring (Rome)
Sabotage through espionage (Rome)
The Black Knight satellite watch (Rome)
Destruction of the enemy is a art (Rome)
There is no more rule of law (Rome)
The Senate will take recess now (Rome)
They’ll walk around bare foot style (Rome)
You whore! Your titties hang out (Rome)
Caesar will have sex with your child (Rome)
Zeus will release the Kraken (Rome)
The revelation seven headed dragon (Rome)
You du-dun du-dun niggas still rappin’? (Rome)
You motherfuckers won’t know what happened (Rome)
Apophis gonna smash into the moon (Rome)
The Vatican City is doomed (Rome)
Romulus howl at the moon (Rome)
The Antichrist rise from the tomb (Rome)
Blood will flood through the valleys (Rome)
The hounds of Hell will be happy (Rome)
Peace to Black Rob, holler at me (Rome)
I speak the truth they still attack me (Rome)
Yo I don’t even care no more (More)
They don’t want peace they want war (War)
Nostradamus crystal ball (Ball)
Says the rich will perish with the poor (Poor)
Now it’s too late to repent (Rome)
The Holy Spirit has no more strength (Rome)
The General is drunk in his tent (Rome)
Surrounded by homosexual men (Rome)
Everybody needs gas masks to breathe (Breathe)
Plagued by sickness and disease (Disease)
The elite scream, “Run away and leave!” (Leave)
We have no more leaders to lead (Rome)
We brought this upon ourselves (Selves)
We got caught up in the spells (Spells)
For whom the bell tolls don’t tell (Rome)
We traded our Heaven for Hell (Rome)
We failed to stop chemtrails (Rome)
The worldwide hunk of death mail (Rome)
We cared too much about our bills (Rome)
And we never communicated well (Rome)
Now we gon’ get what we deserve (Deserve)
We turned our backs on God’s word (Word)
You are too cynical to learn (Learn)
I cried out till my throat burned (Burned)
God will not clean up your mess (Rome)
You humans are so quick to forget (Rome)
All you have now is regret (Rome)
You figure out what to do next (Rome)
It was written that this happened before (Rome)
Every cycle of the black star (Rome)
Time flies, life dies (Rome)
Then the Phoenix will rise and that’s all (Rome)

[Verse 2: Pyrit]
It’s like I just woke up in (Rome)
Everything around me say this country is (Rome)
You bring it back to gold standard like this is (Rome)
And forces kill you right in the street like this is (Rome)
And now we got women catchin’ plague like (Rome)
Armies killin’ people for religion like (Rome)
Fuckin’ politicians touchin’ kids like (Rome)
Police come get you right where you live like (Rome)
Horses and chariots (Rome)Dues this is scary (Rome)
Gladiators in the streets battle to the death (Rome)
We all carryin’ (Chrome), turn you to (Chrome)
Leave you where you stand let another man clean the mess (This is Rome)
The gods wage wars in the sky (This is Rome)
The men on the ground with the pestilence and flies (This is Rome)
The plague is in the water supplies (This is Rome)
Find concubines pourin’ wines (This is Rome)
It’s time that the great beast dies (This is Rome)
Welcome to the feast you swines (This is Rome)
Entrance has made you mines (This is Rome)
Now you'll all exit my bowels at the same time (This is Rome)
We ain’t time travelin’, we talkin’ ‘bout the time we livin’ in
This modern roaming empire underneath Caligula
Close your eyes envision it
You can see imperial police in the streets beatin’ pleebs out their innocence
Welcome citizen, you can pay your penance to the Emperor now or get put with the prisoners
Are you listenin’?
Do what you are told or what you are told will be done to you, simple wisdom it
City sprawlin’ with soldiers on war horses
With chest armor armed forces for official employers
Roman source patrol off on the dogs roaming remorseless
‘Cause job shortage makes some rob to recoup losses
Full equipped with gods on high cliffs
Bombs from drone ships, it’s lightning from Zeus’ fist
18 A-list VIP as it gets
‘Cause pirate computer mix worth a trillion bits
2016, rulers with big dreams
One world, one Roman government, one currency
One slave populace from one goddess' ovaries
One love motherfucker and it ain’t for you or me
Totalitarian, barbarian
Motherfucker this is Rome say the name again
You got a favorite sin? Go commit it then
Livin’ ain’t safe in Rome, but we don’t give a shit (This is Rome)
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WikiLeaks' 'Vault 7' mystery has conspiracy theorists working overtime to identify 'traitors'

Just a few months ago, WikiLeaks stood at the epicenter of the 24/7 (4/27) news cycle as it dribbled out hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

Since the U.S. presidential election, however, Julian Assange's anti-secrets outfit has fallen back into relative obscurity.

Which, for Assange, is not acceptable. WikiLeaks' 45-year-old Australian founder, holed up for the past six years in Ecuador's London embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden on a rape charge, loves the spotlight. And he knows that, with the internet reaching a chaotic maturity and President Donald Trump embracing various far-out scenarios, conspiracy theories have never been more popular.

And so WikiLeaks in the past week has been putting out cryptic tweets about a mysterious "Vault 7," which has piqued the interest of both conspiracy theorists and straightforward lovers of mind games. Here are some of the tweets, the most recent of which was posted this morning:

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Fred had to leave the house. He needed a coffee and fresh air. He decided he would head down to the local Starbucks for a mocha. After paying the barista he stepped out into the cool air reaching for his pack of smokes. He was about to light up when a little girl who was clutching a book approached him. He put his cigarette away as she began to speak.

"Hey mister. Can I read you something?" the little angel spoke.

Eyebrows raising Fred mused "Sure."

She proceed to look down to the book in her hands. It had an image of a girl holding up her finger over her lips, obviously indicating secrets. The other hand was at her side, it was holding the hand of the girl's reflection in the mirror she was standing in front of. Fred noticed the title before the angel flipped the book over to the back cover. It read: "Scarlet & Ivy" by Sophie Cleverly

The little angel's voice softly spoke,

"I pray that you are reading this. And if you are, well, I suppose you're the new me....
You must keep this a secret from everyone. Its just acting, like we always said we would do. Only you'll be playing my part. Don't pay too much attention in class. Don't wear your uniform too neatly. Stay away from Penny. Don't get on the wrong side of the Fox... You don't know what she's capable of. Don't be as shy as you usually are - just look in the mirror. Remember you're trying to be me. And, Ivy, I give you full permission to read my diary - in fact, you MUST"

The angel looked up from from her book beaming at Fred. Her mother called to her and told her to stop bothering other people and apologized to Fred for her daughter pestering him.

Fred dismissed the mothers worries with a smile.


Hot mic.

Feb. 11th, 2017 08:43 am
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While Angela was busy making calls and putting the rest of her life back together, Fred was occupied with his thoughts and the data streaming through the network. There was so much to consider and so little time. He had gathered enough of his memories to establish a timeline of events but much of his memory was still disjointed. Grabbing a pen and paper he made a list. He had a lot of homework to do if he was going to pull it all together.

Much of his life, he remembered, was centered around synchronicities. Things that were seemingly impossible had always manifested around him. It was just something he was used to. He noticed it early on in his life. Starting with being able to predict when phone calls would be incoming. More than half the time he made those predictions, he would also predict the caller. That was in the days of landlines, so trying to rationalize it as somehow picking up a wireless signal in the brain seemed unlikely - as if a brain "reading" wireless signals wasn't unlikely enough. As a kid it was just a game to him but throughout his teenage years he began realizing that it was something more. Something higher.

He was waiting for a call as he began jotting his list down. Angela was also making a list but hers was a mental one. With Fred's presence and encouragement, she had become rejuvenated, possibly inspired and she was now on a literal warpath. Although Fred had an idea what she was on about, it was still much of a mystery as to what she was up to, despite his repeated questioning. Instead of butting heads with her, he left her to her own devices. Although he didn't recall everything, he knew she could stand on her own two feet now. Even now, she was in the kitchen, on the phone, tracking down some bastards that had been on her list. Fred eavesdropped a bit trying to asses the situation.

"I don't give a shit!" she lashed. "The neighbors are piggybacking my net and I refuse to pay extra for something THEY did! Did I mention that they play with that damn karaoke machine almost every night? Last night they had it on and I could overhear every damn thing they were talking about. They are making up lies and rumors! Saying shit about me that isn't even true! They were talking shit about my friends and family even! Can you believe they said my yard looked like crap and that I don't mow often enough?!? she marched to the back of the kitchen, opened the sliding glass door, stepped out onto the porch and rammed the glass door closed behind her. Even at the back of the house, through the glass, Fred heard her berating the poor soul on the other side of the cellphone. Although it wasn't really funny, Fred chuckled as he opened another tab on the browser.

He was on a NASA network looking for a few leads. He booted a spiderbot and sent it crawling through the network. Did he just hear her make a couple of death threats? Probably. He wasn't too surprised either. From what he had gathered in the last few weeks staying with her, she had been dealing with a lot of negativity; not only from her family and friends but now some noisy neighbors. He figured the death threats were just spat in anger or frustration but with a name like Fray, he wasn't too sure if she was serious or not. For the sake of all, he hoped those neighbors would keep that karaoke machine off before Jerry Springer showed up to catch all the action.

The spiderbot was running smoothly, yet slow. For the meanwhile Fred occupied his time surveying a secret Naval server located in Ramstein, Germany. He had found part of what he was looking for, what he needed. It was a spreadsheet of "Non-terrestrial officers". He took a screenshot. Just then his phone rang.

"You seemed to have neglected our arrangement" the female voice stated.

"Oh yeah? And what arrangement is that?" Fred inquired.

"The one where I shoot you and you fall down. Dead." she quipped.

That was enough to have Fred stop everything he had been doing.

"Excuse me?" he sputtered, slightly shocked.

"Don't play coy or innocent with me. We know. We know you escaped, we know you returned and we know where you are. You need to check in, or your gonna check out. You have want we want and we are going to get it one way or another. It is best if you just come in quietly or the repercussions will reverberate - LOUDLY. You have three days to get your things in order. I'll be sending for you then." CLICK.

Fred stared at the phone for a moment before turning it off. Backtracking the number was useless, it was blocked. He glazed over, looked at his screen awhile.

"Who the hell was that?" he pondered.

Out on the back deck, through the glass, Fred heard Angela raging:

"...and if they don't cut it out, Ima kill every last one of them".

Time Stamp (3rd Party Reverberation) Song# +0.01 Present
[Below: Published on Feb 10, 2017]
RIP Rumblestick https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKINICiU3pw


Feb. 8th, 2017 04:57 pm
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It had only been two months and already things were taking shape. For the most part, Fred understood what had happened to him. It was just a few lapses in memory that plagued his conscious. He had stumbled out of some military experiment and then blindly stumbled right back into it... only this time, this time he was aware of it.

Angela had been very accommodating to his basic needs. Food, water, shelter, toilet and shower. Oh and hot water... hot water was a godsend. She had filled him in the best she could. Although her condition was fragile at best, his presence was reassuring to her and hers to his. And over the course of time Fred noticed marked improvements in Angela's mental stability. Her face was less in a state of bewilderment than it was in a state of present-tense. Fred had listened intently as she spout off her recent life shenanigans. If he ever loved her in a past life, he was unsure. He was sure that within the span of eight weeks it was nearly impossible not to love her. She was a true sweetheart. She was accepting and gracious. She was kind and fierce all at once. She was so innocent and yet simultaneously guilty. Guilty of what? He was unsure but he knew she had blood on those hands and stains on her soul. He felt for her as he did for any child. Love. Unconditionally. He knew she was trying... and that is all that mattered. She had the desire to change for the better. That was all it took.

Unfortunately the living situation was rather cramped. This occasionally lead to a few spats but nothing so serious as to create a permanent friction. Fred was glad he had jotted his password to his interface underneath his laptop... actually a dumb move but not in this particular instance. It was the only way he could access his network, more importantly his memories. He didn't know who had updated the network browsers with a feature that remembered passwords and usernames... but he thanked God they had. Otherwise he'd of never gained access.

The bookmarks where enough to get his head jumpstarted. Topics of all sorts, leads, contacts, notes, and numbers. All of them a bread trail leading through the woods. The only question on his mind was which way to go? One way might lead him out of the woods, the other only deeper into the thickets. It came down to a matter of intuition. It only took him two days to pick up where he had left off before the... "incident". Within 48 hours of reclaiming his laptop he had backtracked and hacked those who had "hacked" him. He had an open backdoor within a few swipes of the keys. They were not aware of him at first. Not until he had intentionally made his presence known. He knew that'd send their computations into "anomaly" mode. Hacking the military is no quaint matter. Especially when society had labeled you a "nobody", a "drop out". Hacking the military and not being arrested? That was a trait that legends are made of.

He scrolled through the network. The overview of the systems codes and security seemed standard and easy enough to manage... in fact he remembered he had done similar work for years... except this network was different. It was a multilateral effort and designed concisely. Between finite field computations, digital signatures schemes, mobile agent security and public key cryptography, he realised the depths of the servers capabilities. Nothing much really. Standard data actually. But Fred knew that's why he was here, in this moment. The probability generators had it all mapped out... except for him. He was a paradoxical anomaly that all the eggheads had been waiting on. The probability that wasn't computed. The probability that was NOT PROBABLE.

The more he tried to think of his motive or his intent, the more he kept drawing blanks. There was no preordained plan. It just was what it is.

"How odd" he thought.
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The ward proved to be a non-secure facility. All his preconceived notions of escape for naught. It was just a matter of walking out the door. Getting to his vehicle, he experiences a sense of relief... a sense familiarity and comfort. He does love driving. He does remember that.

He drove for a long while, the radio silent.

Somewhere from a dream, or from a memory of some film, he heard

"There is no escape"

For some reason he thought of a white rabbit.
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All they speak has already been spoken
and no matter what channel, the radio seems broken.

You got a drummer, a guitarist, a bassist and a singer
posing like a band but more like left-wingers.

Pulpit-eers on a track preaching apostasy
leaves a bad taste in my brain, need a new recipe.

Acting like a band in this musical panorama
but the more I listen all I can hear is propaganda.

Regurgitating a script from within the conspiracy-
I take it all in.... and heckle the parody.
There you are pretending to be musicians
leading your fans into social indecisions.
And proselytizing for false religion,
herding them into moral contradictions.

Perpetuating as a band but more like right-wingers.
With tendencies for evangelizing for the Light Bringer!

Lock & Load. Time to Kill the Pop-Radio!
Don't want to hear it nomore!

From San Francisco to Portugal.

(Lock & Load) Time to kill the Pop-Radio

From Moscow to Mexico:

(Lock & Load) Time to kill the Pop-Radio

From Glasgow to Tokyo:

(Lock & Load) Time to kill the Pop-Radio
Don't want to hear it nomore!

(written 01/01/2017)
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2017 Proved to be a right of passage. The Golden Dimensionals notwithstanding.

Through trials and tribulations, not to mention a few bruises and a dislocated toe, this man has come through a paradoxical state of time loops into a new state of consciousness. A consciousness concerning the nature of what "is". Yet pushing the boundaries of what "is" proves the sum of reality even more unfathomable than what "was'.

Somehow this is not discouraging; despite fears for ones own safety, this only stirs the depths of one's nature and re enforces concepts of previously disregarded notions of synchronicities and a divine cosmos.

Although the machinations of men are always disconcerting when contemplating a zen like wake of passage, this one finds solace in knowing that no matter a persons status or background, those with acute minds and hearts unfrozen, are all still searching for the same purpose of meaning. We are all lost children in the world inherited. Constantly, we are observing the horizon in a zeal soaked faith of what mysteries tomorrow shall bring. Enlightenment as it taught in the far East.

Even though it is a light this one seeks, I seek not the bearer of such a light. I search for the source of all light; not one who might carry or imitate it.

The Source.

Through this one's eyes, the quagmire of sparks and flits of light cast many shadows. For what good is light without the dark? What would dark conceal without the light?

It is here that one overstands the nature of the game. For it is a game, is it not? A perpetual dance of electrons and protons, in constant opposition to effect not only change, but balance? One did not understand a famous line from a famous religious text for several decades:

"Love thy Enemy".

Now one begins to love not just illumination, one begins to love the other 180 degrees of separation. Seeing the whole as a grand clockwork of perfectly timed precision. All energies of the aether are sacred in their geometry. Either in the multiverse or the innerverse (soul). So to you: I salute. Both you of dark & light. Salute.

Hark! A third eye has risen.


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