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2017 Proved to be a right of passage. The Golden Dimensionals notwithstanding.

Through trials and tribulations, not to mention a few bruises and a dislocated toe, this man has come through a paradoxical state of time loops into a new state of consciousness. A consciousness concerning the nature of what "is". Yet pushing the boundaries of what "is" proves the sum of reality even more unfathomable than what "was'.

Somehow this is not discouraging; despite fears for ones own safety, this only stirs the depths of one's nature and re enforces concepts of previously disregarded notions of synchronicities and a divine cosmos.

Although the machinations of men are always disconcerting when contemplating a zen like wake of passage, this one finds solace in knowing that no matter a persons status or background, those with acute minds and hearts unfrozen, are all still searching for the same purpose of meaning. We are all lost children in the world inherited. Constantly, we are observing the horizon in a zeal soaked faith of what mysteries tomorrow shall bring. Enlightenment as it taught in the far East.

Even though it is a light this one seeks, I seek not the bearer of such a light. I search for the source of all light; not one who might carry or imitate it.

The Source.

Through this one's eyes, the quagmire of sparks and flits of light cast many shadows. For what good is light without the dark? What would dark conceal without the light?

It is here that one overstands the nature of the game. For it is a game, is it not? A perpetual dance of electrons and protons, in constant opposition to effect not only change, but balance? One did not understand a famous line from a famous religious text for several decades:

"Love thy Enemy".

Now one begins to love not just illumination, one begins to love the other 180 degrees of separation. Seeing the whole as a grand clockwork of perfectly timed precision. All energies of the aether are sacred in their geometry. Either in the multiverse or the innerverse (soul). So to you: I salute. Both you of dark & light. Salute.

Hark! A third eye has risen.


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