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Fred awoke in a daze. He didn't remember. Did he black out? The neighbors stated he had been raging against someone on his phone through the wee hours of the morning. He had checked his network and no records of a late night phone call existed. And his phone was still awol. He spent the morning sorting through his things... even though he had checked his jacket first thing, it wasn't till hours later that he checked the jacket again. This time the phone was mysteriously in his pocket with a dead battery. "Strange" he thought. "I know it wasn't in there the first time I looked". Also his battery was dead but that didn't make sense either. it was nearly at 80% charge when he last used it. The battery still had dozens of hours of charge but it was dead. Just another oddity that he would have to file in his X-files drawer. Searching through the phone proved nothing more than what his intuition had already told him. One of the last texts he had sent to Angela had read:

"Can't make it through the door... something is blocking me" followed by,

"I'm on my way. If I get busted, it is on Lucifer"

Fred frantically searched his mind, blanks. All blanks. What the hell happened to him? He was unsure but the texts were very unsettling. He remembered everything up to 01:37 in the morning but by 02:00 there was 404 error in his brain. He sure hoped the name "Lucifer" was just some sarcastic remark but the more he considered the notion, the more he was perplexed by who, what, when, where and why.

"Damn military" he thought. Maybe the mysterious female caller had been right? It had been day three just as she had stated. Maybe they came for him in the night? Or maybe Fred screwed up and had blacked out? It still didn't explain his missing phone record. Must have been a fluke he surmised. One thing was for sure, he wasn't going to even look at a bottle for a very long time. Too much was at stake.

What was it that drove him to such irresponsible behavior? Why had he not listened to himself? It was almost as if something had forced him to dilute his brain. As if his conscious projections would somehow be dulled to the point of inversion. Nah. What was he thinking? That was all pseudoscience nonsense - right?

He went to his desk and shot out a final message. He was going dark. Dropping from the grid. His hacking had caused a shockwave that had echoed through the net and now it was getting too hot. He logged in and addressed the others:

Proof was in the pudding.
Sorry to all caught in the wake. It HAD to be done.
I release all judgment and preconceived notions.
I release all from bindings, spellings or cursives.
Love is the only truth.
I'm going dark.
Because I was asked to.
Besides, it will be easier to tune in the cold dark of silence.
When the stars have realigned, the songs of freedom shall be heard.
In the beginning there was the word. In the aftermath there was US.

Until further notice, F.M. - signing off.

Below: Published on Jan 27, 2017


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