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While Angela was busy making calls and putting the rest of her life back together, Fred was occupied with his thoughts and the data streaming through the network. There was so much to consider and so little time. He had gathered enough of his memories to establish a timeline of events but much of his memory was still disjointed. Grabbing a pen and paper he made a list. He had a lot of homework to do if he was going to pull it all together.

Much of his life, he remembered, was centered around synchronicities. Things that were seemingly impossible had always manifested around him. It was just something he was used to. He noticed it early on in his life. Starting with being able to predict when phone calls would be incoming. More than half the time he made those predictions, he would also predict the caller. That was in the days of landlines, so trying to rationalize it as somehow picking up a wireless signal in the brain seemed unlikely - as if a brain "reading" wireless signals wasn't unlikely enough. As a kid it was just a game to him but throughout his teenage years he began realizing that it was something more. Something higher.

He was waiting for a call as he began jotting his list down. Angela was also making a list but hers was a mental one. With Fred's presence and encouragement, she had become rejuvenated, possibly inspired and she was now on a literal warpath. Although Fred had an idea what she was on about, it was still much of a mystery as to what she was up to, despite his repeated questioning. Instead of butting heads with her, he left her to her own devices. Although he didn't recall everything, he knew she could stand on her own two feet now. Even now, she was in the kitchen, on the phone, tracking down some bastards that had been on her list. Fred eavesdropped a bit trying to asses the situation.

"I don't give a shit!" she lashed. "The neighbors are piggybacking my net and I refuse to pay extra for something THEY did! Did I mention that they play with that damn karaoke machine almost every night? Last night they had it on and I could overhear every damn thing they were talking about. They are making up lies and rumors! Saying shit about me that isn't even true! They were talking shit about my friends and family even! Can you believe they said my yard looked like crap and that I don't mow often enough?!? she marched to the back of the kitchen, opened the sliding glass door, stepped out onto the porch and rammed the glass door closed behind her. Even at the back of the house, through the glass, Fred heard her berating the poor soul on the other side of the cellphone. Although it wasn't really funny, Fred chuckled as he opened another tab on the browser.

He was on a NASA network looking for a few leads. He booted a spiderbot and sent it crawling through the network. Did he just hear her make a couple of death threats? Probably. He wasn't too surprised either. From what he had gathered in the last few weeks staying with her, she had been dealing with a lot of negativity; not only from her family and friends but now some noisy neighbors. He figured the death threats were just spat in anger or frustration but with a name like Fray, he wasn't too sure if she was serious or not. For the sake of all, he hoped those neighbors would keep that karaoke machine off before Jerry Springer showed up to catch all the action.

The spiderbot was running smoothly, yet slow. For the meanwhile Fred occupied his time surveying a secret Naval server located in Ramstein, Germany. He had found part of what he was looking for, what he needed. It was a spreadsheet of "Non-terrestrial officers". He took a screenshot. Just then his phone rang.

"You seemed to have neglected our arrangement" the female voice stated.

"Oh yeah? And what arrangement is that?" Fred inquired.

"The one where I shoot you and you fall down. Dead." she quipped.

That was enough to have Fred stop everything he had been doing.

"Excuse me?" he sputtered, slightly shocked.

"Don't play coy or innocent with me. We know. We know you escaped, we know you returned and we know where you are. You need to check in, or your gonna check out. You have want we want and we are going to get it one way or another. It is best if you just come in quietly or the repercussions will reverberate - LOUDLY. You have three days to get your things in order. I'll be sending for you then." CLICK.

Fred stared at the phone for a moment before turning it off. Backtracking the number was useless, it was blocked. He glazed over, looked at his screen awhile.

"Who the hell was that?" he pondered.

Out on the back deck, through the glass, Fred heard Angela raging:

"...and if they don't cut it out, Ima kill every last one of them".

Time Stamp (3rd Party Reverberation) Song# +0.01 Present
[Below: Published on Feb 10, 2017]
RIP Rumblestick https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKINICiU3pw
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Time Stamp (3rd Party Reverberation) Interview# +0.01 Present
[Below: Published on Feb 8, 2017
New 2017 - Remastered - 432 Hz - Lossless - Flac - 1.411 kBit/s - CDQ - HD - High Quality - Hip-Hop -]

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The C of Tranquility, what will it really be?
What does the future hold? What do you really see?
I see a revolution in the industry
That will ignite the rebirth of MCs lyrically
The C of Tranquility, what will it really be?
What does the future hold? What do you really see?
I see the partition of God's religion
Become united by our bars and our common visions
The C of Tranquility, what will it really be?
What does the future hold? Yo, fuck the hook!

These rhymes resemble knots being tied
The timeline becomes a nonlinear noose that will snap your mind
First: Sever your spine, Second: Normal limb configurations
Are dismembered and disconnected, very unpleasant
My third effort employs absurd ethics
Kangaroo execution court is in session after dawn but before breakfast
Expert effective mass burial method so well measured
It's impressive and intensive, not to mention expensive
Extensive templates taken from all global nano-industrial sectors
No wonder I'm so aggressive at Tetris
Pardon me, but I must beckon your attention
For no more than several seconds with the minor hypocritical questions
Let's say, I had to make an exception
Where I complied to exhume a body for postmortem autopsy inspection
I request the best yes-men
That promptly recovered the radio frequency identification pin
Then trigger the transponder located under the skin
Of the deceased until it showed me a grid
If that went over your head then I'll be more than pleased to show you again
But I must rescind, I have pressing matters to attend
It's my wife's birthday and I can't be late for delivery
Of her customized marble grey bidet, good day
What the fuck did he just say? See, why can't I bust my way?
Since '98 you could trust my name
I've adapted and adjusted my aim accordingly
The leap years are boring to me, I speed up quarterly
The Golden Era of Rap will always be apart of me
The future talks to me because the present is ignoring me
My destiny is calling me, the armory of God is guarding me
But all you can see is holographic artistry
This is were the road forks, my rhymes leave you lost
Under a blue moon, ice crystals, fog, and snow fall
Been a long time, spitting long rhymes, but I never left you
I always came back busting rhymes that were special
Back then, I wanted to impress you by addressing the truth
Nowadays, I'm just confessing in the booth
The music is layered, not computer generated
A human made it to satisfy unusual craving
The mystic in a room with crystal walls and floors
Looking into a crystal quartz orb, reciting lyrical law
That cause warm feeling sensations precipitating from the finger tips
To the arms, to the lips, to the jaws
To a gold tongue that spits to the tone of the drum
With the oxygen that flows down the throat to the lungs
'Til every color of my Chakra glows brighter than the Sun
You and I become We, We become One
And the clarity of Singularity has begun
Between zero point zero and zero point one
Combinatrics, anything of this persuasion
Is considered ageless beyond the matrix
Beyond time displacement of space and spaceships in oasis
Beyond the reach of human contemplation
Through my music, magic and convoluted interaction
Rip The Jacker shows you the future in fragments
Through madness my view is expanded
Request passage permission is granted
I'll introduce you to the language of dragons
To help balance near impossible trances in the labyrinth
Of the enchanted where air quality is unbearably rancid
From evil spirits, temperatures frigid
I cross wooden bridges over methane rivers, it sounds crazy, but listen
Concise lyrics strike down from the heavens
A titan like Mike Tyson, 'Beastmaster' with a Tiger and Pigeon
A four finger ring with a eyeball in it for vision
Cause I ain't scared of no 9 foot 11 winged lizards!
I'm known as the Ripper, my soul was delivered to a wizard
For spiritual slave labor in a prison
My life is my sentence, so I live it
But I studied the physics and understand it, so it's only a visit
I look at myself in the mirror, I see a stereoisomer image
I know it's cryptic, but you like what I'm spitting
M-M-M-M-Master in the art of rhyming, yield so many surprises,
I've found excessive ferric-iron in my perinatal sinus
Remote viewing the globe, what I am shown runs my blood cold
My occipital lobe might explode!
The Godzilla Zillah God, enscripter encryptor
I drink the Elixir of Knowledge like it was a liquor!
I ain't a rapper, I'm a Ripper Slasher, Supreme Dream Catcher
Brother Frater who'd rather attend to other matters
Like mastering words, spell cast a curse you haven't heard
Incense I burn smells like a bag of herb!
I walk among the living hidden, but spitting, they bid me good riddance
Cause nobody knows what I've written!
Zecharia Sitchin in Hell's Kitchen, heavy lifting
Mixing, vocals switching with no mittens, my women keep bitching
Bitches drug experimenting, bed wetting and blood letting
White witches, black magic, rough wedding, with a fuck ending!
I ain't into fashion, think I got jokes?
Keep laughing, we'll have the ceremony in a cabin
Rapping my only compassion that outlasted everything I ever had in life
And it still respects the Master
During the brides reception, the Tree of Life supplied me the weapons
Inside the zodiac, divided in sections
I categorized five elements inscribing the lettering
Baphomet's unintelligible intelligence is benevolent!!
The initiate magician, not ready but willing
To perform molecular fission with emotions and feelings
I stand before the Rabbi with cat-eyes, he looked high
I don't mind, the motherfucker look crazy all the time
He asked me for the wedding band, I gave him the bride's severed hand
Punishment for touching another man
I'm just a poor shoe cobbler from Guadalajara
Who came in contact with scholars that studied Kabbalah
I do not wish to be a martyr and follow the footsteps of my father
I want to live the live of an 'honest farmer'
We all became sombre as I placed the animal on the altar
Started the fire, rinsed my hands in some water
Look into my eyes, I hypnotize my bride as I walk towards her
The congregation wouldn't take their eyes off her!
I hear moans and weeping coupled with soft but laboured breathing
I pinch myself, am I dreaming?
Invisible people speaking, we've met, but I don't remember meeting
I don't remember these traditional teachings
I know I'm reaching into unallowed boundaries, but the rhymes are increasing
My mind is breaching, I find it pleasing!
Inside the Theatre of Bar War, unlimited seating
The kills, still fresh, the cadavers, still bleeding
The war drum pounds like the wings of a owl beating
Right before it snares its prey and it begins feasting
How nice of you to join me this evening
To see the symphony for its surface complexity out of deep simplicity
You see, I achieve tranquility with obscure metaphors
Entering doors not placed between walls, but in the floor
Midnight strolls through groves of roses, sharing moments
With whatever hostess is closest, before the solstice approaches
The fire burns, but it burns smokeless
Ogres on flying locusts screaming, “Buenos noches!!”
The final battle with Vrill, the war cries build
Run them over on the battlefield with chariot wheels
My shield is composed of meteorite stone
My sword is honed from a red dragon's rib bones
Ripping and spitting basic complex combinatrix
For the agents trying to hack into my Matrix!
Five out of ten cases are found with their heads hacked off
In several places, hanging from metal braces
Long ago, the ghost of Plato befriended me
With a amulet intended to anchor my memories
Tabula Smaragdina, glow greener than any known reefer
Harness the ether, talk to your leaders
The seekers of beautiful bars, recording the position of the stars
Undermining these immutable laws
Correlating, DNA crossed-fading, what's the point in waiting
We're all aging, it's yours for the taking
A black hole in the making, nothing but a wound gaping
From a womb where there's no escaping
Only life-forms racing before and after mating and merry-making
With partners that aren't even facing, what are we chasing?
Our ancestors asked the same thing
And we've gotten no closer then they've been, so I prey for the day when
We don't even need eyes to confirm
The science and the poor education we've put our faith in
I don't write this to perform it, nor do I say it, to record it
I feel that I am answering a calling
Fantastic, rhyme mechanics, like that of a blind pianist
The keys are metallic, my fingers are magnets
The music is magic, what is this madness?
The stanzas are rites of passage
Your left brain habits become your baggage
The masses become savage, roaming the streets with torn fabrics
Creativity is less than average
Every baby is born a bastard, so why did you have it?
This question requires no answer, I understand it
The "C" of Tranquility, that is all I seek
Nothing is complete without every separate piece
The "C" of Tranquility, that is all I seek
Nothing is complete without every single piece

The 'C' of Tranquility, what will it really be?
What does the future hold,? What do you really see?
I see a revolution in the industry
That will ignite the rebirth of emcees lyrically
The 'C' of Tranquility, what will it really be?
What does the future hold,? What do you really see?
I see the partition of God's religion
Become united by our bars and our common visions


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