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Fred had to leave the house. He needed a coffee and fresh air. He decided he would head down to the local Starbucks for a mocha. After paying the barista he stepped out into the cool air reaching for his pack of smokes. He was about to light up when a little girl who was clutching a book approached him. He put his cigarette away as she began to speak.

"Hey mister. Can I read you something?" the little angel spoke.

Eyebrows raising Fred mused "Sure."

She proceed to look down to the book in her hands. It had an image of a girl holding up her finger over her lips, obviously indicating secrets. The other hand was at her side, it was holding the hand of the girl's reflection in the mirror she was standing in front of. Fred noticed the title before the angel flipped the book over to the back cover. It read: "Scarlet & Ivy" by Sophie Cleverly

The little angel's voice softly spoke,

"I pray that you are reading this. And if you are, well, I suppose you're the new me....
You must keep this a secret from everyone. Its just acting, like we always said we would do. Only you'll be playing my part. Don't pay too much attention in class. Don't wear your uniform too neatly. Stay away from Penny. Don't get on the wrong side of the Fox... You don't know what she's capable of. Don't be as shy as you usually are - just look in the mirror. Remember you're trying to be me. And, Ivy, I give you full permission to read my diary - in fact, you MUST"

The angel looked up from from her book beaming at Fred. Her mother called to her and told her to stop bothering other people and apologized to Fred for her daughter pestering him.

Fred dismissed the mothers worries with a smile.

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Fred blasted through his coffee and was back at the networks. Only 13 tabs open. He read:

Wiki: "Quantum decoherence is the loss of quantum coherence. In quantum mechanics, particles such as electrons behave like waves and are described by a wavefunction. These waves can interfere, leading to the peculiar behaviour of quantum particles. As long as there exists a definite phase relation between different states, the system is said to be coherent. This coherence is a fundamental property of quantum mechanics, and is necessary for the function of quantum computers. However, when a quantum system is not perfectly isolated, but in contact with its surroundings, the coherence decays with time, a process called quantum decoherence. As a result of this process, the quantum behaviour is lost. Decoherence was first introduced in 1970 by the German physicist H. Dieter Zeh and has been a subject of active research since the 1980s.[1]

Decoherence can be viewed as the loss of information from a system into the environment (often modeled as a heat bath),[2] since every system is loosely coupled with the energetic state of its surroundings. Viewed in isolation, the system's dynamics are non-unitary (although the combined system plus environment evolves in a unitary fashion).[3] Thus the dynamics of the system alone are irreversible. As with any coupling, entanglements are generated between the system and environment. These have the effect of sharing quantum information with—or transferring it to—the surroundings.

Decoherence has been used to understand the collapse of the wavefunction in quantum mechanics. Decoherence does not generate actual wave function collapse. It only provides an explanation for the observation of wave function collapse, as the quantum nature of the system "leaks" into the environment. That is, components of the wavefunction are decoupled from a coherent system, and acquire phases from their immediate surroundings. A total superposition of the global or universal {{{wavefunction}}} still exists (and remains coherent at the global level), but its ultimate fate remains an interpretational issue. Specifically, decoherence does not attempt to explain the measurement problem. Rather, decoherence provides an explanation for the transition of the system to a mixture of states that seem to correspond to those states observers perceive. Moreover, our observation tells us that this mixture looks like a proper quantum ensemble in a measurement situation, as we observe that measurements lead to the "realization" of precisely one state in the "ensemble".

Decoherence represents a challenge for the practical realization of quantum computers, since such machines are expected to rely heavily on the undisturbed evolution of quantum coherences. Simply put, they require that coherent states be preserved and that decoherence is managed, in order to actually perform quantum computation.

"According to this theory, as fortified by contemporary knowledge, learning activates a small ensemble of brain cells, inducing in these cells persistent physical/chemical changes. In addition, reactivation of these cells by relevant recall cues results in retrieval of the specific memory. The theory poses an important question: what is the nature of the persistent changes?

In his seminal book published in 1949, Donald Hebb proposed a mechanism based on synaptic plasticity as a substrate of memory [1]. With an example of two cells connected by an excitatory synapse, if the activation of one cell leads to the activation of the second one, the connection between the two cells is reinforced, a postulate that has been confirmed experimentally [5, 6, 7, 8]. The increase in connectivity strength within a diffuse group of cells in a more complex feedforward circuit results in the emergence of an engram cell ensemble.

The systematic dissection of the molecular mechanisms involved in synaptic plasticity has revealed that the cascade of events underlying the plastic changes requires two distinct phases [9, 10]. In the encoding phase, also known as early long-term potentiation (E-LTP), an increase in intracellular Ca2+ concentration mediated by post-synaptic NMDA receptors elicits a change in synaptic weight by increasing the insertion and the conductance of AMPA receptors [11]. The dendritic spines that support the post-synaptic machinery rapidly increase in number [12]. In a second phase lasting a few hours after the initial encoding period, the increased synaptic weight is maintained by a protein synthesis-dependent process known as cellular consolidation, during which the steady state synthesis of AMPA receptors is shifted to a higher level. This second phase is known as late LTP (L-LTP) [9, 10] and is sensitive to protein synthesis inhibitors (PSI)."

"There are five "known" types of Engrams: Encoded, Encrypted, Decoherent, Legendary, and Exotic."
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"In nature, materials are built in a “bottom-up” manner, relying on the self-assembly of fundamental building blocks, and have evolved over thousands of years of natural selection to achieve impressive performance. Materials in nature are sustainably designed in a hierarchical and multifunctional way to be lightweight while also providing toughness and resilience, and to possess biotic and abiotic resistance. Since the industrial revolution and accompanying advancement of modern material science, most of our industrial materials are synthetic polymers and metals, which, unlike natural materials, are processed into products using a “top-down” approach. Many synthetic polymers are nondegradable, and their production processes are associated with a significant negative environmental impact. Marelli et al. (1) were the first to apply the top-down approach usually reserved for man-made materials to natural silk embedded with functional materials such as enzymes and light- and strain-responsive nanoparticles. This work was mainly possible due to the thermoplastic properties of silk, which enable compression molding, and its stiffness, which enables machining. - Zvi Shteina and Oded Shoseyov.
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Time Stamp (3rd party) Song# 0.03 Published on Dec 13, 2016
New 2016 - Remastered - 432 Hz - Lossless - Flac - 1.411 kBit/s - CDQ - HD - High Quality - Lyrics - Hip-Hop

My attitude is to watch and observe the magnitude
Is it hostile? What is the next possible move?
Wait until the conditions improve
Listen to me, dude
Don't let it affect your morale, your mission, or your mood
Canibus, true lyricist, Mr. Ubiquitous
Getting busy for Big Pun and his little one Christopher
Little Christopher, big brother Bis take you to the cinema
To show you how hardbody Godzilla was, once upon a time
Top hip-hop brass, supreme hot beam that ass
John Deere in the headlights, leave him in the grass
First pass, low-altitude, high-density mass
See how my symphony's intensity lasts
Hold your breath, cousin
Ignite the gas, spit it all out fast
Run all night to see if we could outlast
They say correlation is not causation
But rather a revelation, happenstance of a nebulous nature
*Ya tu sabe,* I like to cha-cha in Abu Dhabi
With a bad Spanish mommy and Formula One Ferraris
With my canine posse eating saltfish and agi
Mad-dog with the hobbies standing in line at Hobby Lobby
Floridians' see scorpion alligator organism
Don't even make no sense talking to them
Monaco muscles' double headed Doberman no muzzle
Bludgeon your face with eight dozen dominoes in a duffle
Grab you by the underarms like I wanna snuggle
Then treat you like Hip Hop when it doesn't love you
Sour cherries I spit garlic, a street convict makin' a omelet
Young Pun, Imma make you a promise
I stand with you. I stand with G Rap Giacanna
To Rep Hip Hop Thomas, in your father's honor
Rest in peace Ruk, hold it down Loch Ness Monster
Brooklyn Dodgers, every Brooklyn bomber on the roster
Say what you say, just give me that shit from RTJ
Watch me put a mix out every day
From Newark to Hacker Sac-sack Town
Long Island area and back down
It's young Chris and Rip the Jacker now, gimme love

[Verse 2: Chris Rivers to be transcribed]

It's the con of cons
comic-con type of pajamas on
A lot of bombs dropped from
bombs bionic graph automaton,
Wiring infused with ivory, I'll scale down your trees
My skin rips, turn to loose leaf--blood is fire ink
I'm made of this
Bank account with steady statement lists
So statements paved the pay for payments pace this state of bliss
Name is Chris: son of rap gods and amazon
I remember trying to flip the green without a salad tong
This ain't that killer shit; this that vigilant militant instrument
Niggas cinnamon sweeter than drizzled iniments
Take your ligaments, break you down like you are some insulin
It's been written Mayans predicted this whole predicament
Doomsday apocalyptic, with gaudy bitches
Esophagus with
Lots of lipstick, they want my prime, I'm optimistic
Not a mystic, this real-deal, holy-feel
Banana clips in every bar
Spitting 'til your dome is peeled

[Hook sample: "Get on the mic, get on the mic..." x15]

[Verse 3: G Rap to be transcribed]
K.G.R, Bis, Chris Rivers
Niggas piss rivers
New York City slick niggas that click triggers
My shit hit ya with tores ligaments, rip livers
Niggas bodies wiggle like big strippers
My young hitters draw bligers like they was stick figures
Shit bricks in your pants, missing your kitty litter
From that life to day and night, with the brick flippers
Made it clear, it's 1080p--I'm a crisp picture
slit your throat, send your bitch witch ya
Chasing my notes until I croak, nigga, big figures
Lead-action got a fetish for the letter-stacking
I'm at your cabbage under the sweater jacket
I wear the bastard, and dash past him, with metal blastin
I'm hand-crackin, I lay him flat in a bed of passion
Catch him lackin before he get to the pedal-mashin
Steppin to me, I let niggas speak to the double-actions
No shells missin, I'm Mel Gibson, forever berreta blasting
I'm scale whippin' in Hell's kitchen for cheddar stackin
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The Dragon of Judah
Melatonin Magik producer

Mr. Magorium's Metaphor Emporium
Vainglorious warriors with deep space euphoria
The Dragon of Judah executed the Lion from Narnia
I'm still trying build God's army up
The pedagogy tried to call me a communist
And pacify my audience, sprinkle them with zombie dust
The icosahedron is a prison for a three headed demon
Hip Hop behemoth
Knowledge is needed to argue with the followers of Jesus
Rearranging impossible pieces, my quantum is increasing
I am sleeping in a posturpedic, deeply breathing
Dreaming a chakra site-seeing, philosophically speaking
I saw Gandhi weakening from not eating
I saw police brutality beatings
I saw the leaders getting into spaceships and leaving
I tried to search for possible meanings but I couldn't see the logical reasoning
'cept survival of the species, no Macbook no PCs
No electricity, no TV
No emcee battles, no Christmas carols
Just international tabble, brown produce consumed by sick cattle
Bovine mammals hooked up to intravenous vaccination panels
Collecting contaminated skin samples
This is not natural, God damn you!
Everybody on the planet don't deserve that, not even the animals
You are completely culpable for everything you're supposed to do
Even if it's not known to you
The weight of the language I spoke to you
The weight of the letters and the words in the rhymes that I wrote for you
Are so so emotional, I don't even know what to do
So I'ma leave the choice up to you

Dragon of Judah
I spit like a supernatural computer
Professor Bis, I'm with the Minister of Intelligence
Hold me down Professor Griff

[Professor Griff]
Minds that produce minds that produce minds like mines

Now everyone want to talk about conspiracy
You should of took Channel Zero more seriously
Professor Bis got a ghetto Ph.D in Chemistry
Professor Griff taught me how to spit it lyrically
Now I'm part of the Ministry
Put my name on the blacklist cos I don't dickride nobody in the industry
Where's the fucking empathy? I've been through so much treachery
Most of the best emcees disrespected me
and tried to get the best of me, never tried to rescue me
or help me with the recipe, what do they expect from me?
Stressing me, questioning me to address the beef
I rep Hip Hop, Hip Hop don't rep me
I never got a penny off that Beef DVD
You mean all that money went to QD3?
I should have slammed the door in his face
If I was a different nigga, I'da been caught a criminal case
The best word to describe what you do to Hip Hop is 'rape'
Cos you don't care about Hip Hop's fate
You sit around your tables and say grace
Eating steak, while you live like kings and treat kings like apes
For Michael Jackson money, and still on the take
Even Tevin Campbell's money, the greed is so great
You probably dance around your mansion, like Cirque Du Soleil
Everything is paid for, you don't have to pro-rate
I ain't hating, I'm not hating, I'm just saying
You makin' money off the next man's struggle. Why you can't pay him?
They made millions off them Beef DVDs
But didn't pay K-Solo or Eazy E
It's called Blaxploitation
Another one of Canibus' paranoid statements that's why I'm famous
I'm just tryna tell niggas how the game is
Beef in Hip Hop is just aimless entertainment
If I shoot you, I'm blameless
But if you shoot me, you famous, whats a nigga to do?
Now ain't that the goddamn truth
No matter what Hip Hop always lose
Wake the fuck up!

Time Stam.. ah fuck it. It dont matter now. You see it.
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Lyrical Noir https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DK8dq1saAU4
This is Lyrical Law
Say it some more
Lyrical Law
Lyrical Noir
"I'm sick and tired of what you've been saying about me in the media"

Give me some more slack on this rope
I run your boney ass throat over in a zodiac boat
46 degrees north, 6 degrees east
The Large Hadron Collider gave birth to a beast
That speaks, they quote my speech
Vocal motifs over dope beats, all lyricists know me!
That's why the industry's debunking my lyrics
With digital trunking equipment, they don't want you to listen!
The Ripper's language won't appeal to the masses because they look past it
Only the masters know the seal of the scarab
Some humans are born average based off environmental circumstances
You organic piece of shit, you substandard
But do not be embarrassed by your underdeveloped status
It's up to you to find the right questions and ask it
Research leads to results sometimes we find meaning after
Other times they're just meaningless babblers
Don't believe these rappers, fake unbelievable bastards
Comet Elenin is coming straight at us, don't believe NASA
Take matters into your own hands
Stop being slow and acting like hoes, get with the fucking program
Hip Hop is the greatest genre known to man
If we focus, the poetry is so advanced
We can overthrow any plan to control man
You got soul? Let's Jam! Lyrical Law I'm the Canibus Man
What's the buy-in minimum? 88 sales, program
And the number of stores, I don't care no more
This is Lyrical Law Noir hardcore raw Metaphors for you and yours
You can't say you wasn't warned!
Thousands of bars, them dummies couldn't stomach my bars
They rather conform, they throwing up their pompoms
You don't wanna wrestle with Armstrong
We sever blood vessels tryna mess with the God's poem
Damage any motherfucking beat that I rhyme on
Connect to the God's thoughts, possess your iPod, I grind hard
Intellectual hardboard, take it back to Hip Hop Star Wars
Grunting like a pack of wild boars
Power source Lyrical Law my bomb squad full force
Call 'em off we got too much torque
Nitrous Oxide Bars pull a bull of course
Pitch fork to you neck just to prove I'm raw
Iron horse, smack DVD, Battle Rap dwarf
Slap you with the flat part of the sword, now you back for more
Passing yourself off like a Rap star
But you support wack bars that's why rap has lost -- fact!
You a Cool J crack whore,
You snitch like police Labradors tryna sniff out sasquatch
Man up, no more lip service and back wash
Stand up! I'ma break off you're back paws
Thor's hammer crack jaws, attack y'all, fracture your skull
Mountain man axe to your loins
Self-employed like Donald Goines, cash cows on steroids
I don't fall for deceptions or decoys
I'm a beast and I'm clairvoyant
Your soya won't tear the beat up whether or not you appear on it
Double trouble dear promise FUCK YOU and your comments
The chairman of Lyrical Law will be honoured
The last man standing, after the internet is abandoned
James Cameron with a gamma ray cannon
The cops brainwashed Hip Hop
And they came from Saturn, they were the first alien race of rappers
They landed in North Africa, their teeth be gnashing
Their names look like acronyms, they released the Kraken,
They live in underground cabins
They slither fast through the inner-earth labyrinth
They move in S-patterns though deep planet chasms
I chase 'em and trap 'em, detailing the action
For tryna desecrate the Sabbath of the lyrical master, faggots
I laid them on top of each other like Abu Ghraib
They spacecraft look like the Eiffel Tower in Paris
They pray on my downfall they orchestrated Hip Hop's imbalance
They underestimated my talent
I hold the globe up like Atlas
They lied about Canibus -- ask 'em
I'm the world's greatest motherfucking rapper!
They slandered my character through private and public propaganda
They tell the people I'm Dr. Doppelganger
They ask me shit, that they know I'm not gonna answer
Extinction Level Event, they can't stop the disaster
Cocksucker stop the camera, 'cause you know that I'm a miserable bastard
I crack lens, break microchips and melt plastic
You Canibus? - Who's asking?
That's Captain Cold Crush to you maggot, you a lyrical has-been
Lyrical Law's a classic they can't get past it
The beats, the rhymes, the features, every single facet
Lyrical Law's a classic they can't get past it
The beats, the rhymes, the features, every single facet
The microphone assassin 'bout to get at 'em
The Dragon of Judah breathe fire 'til his last breath
Full Battle Rattle in action lyrical Metal Jackets
Coming through with several new attachments
Computers is crashing, hackers is laughing
Rapid eye movement, try to keep up with the captain, what's happening?
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WikiLeaks' 'Vault 7' mystery has conspiracy theorists working overtime to identify 'traitors'

Just a few months ago, WikiLeaks stood at the epicenter of the 24/7 (4/27) news cycle as it dribbled out hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

Since the U.S. presidential election, however, Julian Assange's anti-secrets outfit has fallen back into relative obscurity.

Which, for Assange, is not acceptable. WikiLeaks' 45-year-old Australian founder, holed up for the past six years in Ecuador's London embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden on a rape charge, loves the spotlight. And he knows that, with the internet reaching a chaotic maturity and President Donald Trump embracing various far-out scenarios, conspiracy theories have never been more popular.

And so WikiLeaks in the past week has been putting out cryptic tweets about a mysterious "Vault 7," which has piqued the interest of both conspiracy theorists and straightforward lovers of mind games. Here are some of the tweets, the most recent of which was posted this morning:



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