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With a final trust and heave, he laid back down, letting go a sigh of relief. "Aaah"

Just as sleep began creeping in, a flash of light illuminated the room. His eyes fluttered, almost expecting a portal to some parallel dimension had opened in his room. Yet it was nothing so grandiose; it was simply his cell phone lighting up the dark room of the ward.

With a quick glance, so as not to burn his eyes, he read the text. Closing his eyes again, he started to drift. With a sudden burst he began laughing. Not just a standard giggle, it was a full on belly laugh. He sat upright, swinging his legs to the floor. He clicked the phone back on.

"It's about time" he chuckled under his breath.

The text was from an unknown person. But he knew she was coming.

'But I was here before time"

She was a trained and skilled assassin; and he knew it. She had to be spec-ops just to track him thus far. He might as well see if she'd like lunch, or a tea perhaps? If he wasn't walking dead already, what could it hurt?

"Wow" he mused. "They pulled out the big guns". Swiping the phone back on, he texted the unknown woman back.

"Look who's behind the power curve 8 hours late! Been waiting on you. When and where"? he put the phone down on the bed. He stood rifling through the ward room closet. Luckily his clothes were there, freshly cleaned and pressed. He quickly got dressed. Grabbing his keys and wallet, he proceeded planning his escape from the ward. He had a lot of work to do.


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