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While he was asleep, Fred Mudi's phone received a text from a blocked number named "unknown_dude" :

"Meet Corliss Archer, began life as a radio program devoted to the misadventures of a typical, All-American teenage girl not unlike Betty Cooper or Patsy Walker. Unlike the other two, however, Corliss has the unique distinction of being labeled a menace by none other than Dr. Frederic Wertham himself.

Corliss’ inclusion in the good doctor’s infamous Seduction Of The Innocent didn’t stem from the character’s involvement in radio, movies and televison, but rather a short-lived comic-book published in 1948 by Fox Feature Syndicate that Wertham cited as an example of a “headlight comic.”

Based upon the covers that adorned the book’s second and third issues, I can’t imagine where in the world Wertham got that idea …

Like many of the comics published by Victor Fox in the late 1940s, the seemingly wholesome adventures of Corliss Archer snuck in as many swimsuit or bra-and-panty shots as the story would allow. Despite the characters’ popularity in other media – a fact trumpeted on the comic’s very cover, by the way – Fox knew what his audience wanted.

In a weird coincidence, the issues that so offended Wertham were mostly written and drawn by Al Feldstein, who would later cause even greater consternation among “right-thinking people” as an editor, writer and artist for William M. Gaines’ legendary EC Comics line.

The Golden Age of Comics truly existed in a small, and very strange, world.

“The Homework Hoax” originally appeared in Meet Corliss Archer #2 (Fox Feature Syndicate, May 1948). The story is signed by “EKR,” but the Grand Comics Database guesses that Feldstein provided the script.

Page: 1-7 http://www.flickr.com/photos/m_burkhardt/7601781812/
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Fred had been through so many songs, miles, files and hotels that he had become exhausted. The Sheeba Inn he chose for the night had a rather professional style and grace to it and the view from the 19th floor was spectacular. His view was over the vast and mysterious Lake Tahoe. Even though the wear and tear on the casinos amenities had shown their age, Fred actually felt like a high roller for once. It was just too bad that all he wanted to do upon his arrival was sleep. He pulled back the covers and flopped onto the bed face first. Using only his big toes, he lazily made several attempts at at removing his shoes before succeeding. His body was trying to pull him into himself. His eyes fluttered closed. He was oblivious to the blue light striking his body only moments after falling asleep.

When the phone rang some hours later, there was a frantic woman's voice on the other line. Fred finally realized it was Angela Frey when she spoke something about his pamphlets he'd left at her house.

A: "It's about time! why haven't you replied to my texts or voice mails? You're a real asshole ya know? Are you ok? Where are you? And what the fuck are those pamphlet-paper things? You know all that conspiracy crap is gonna rot your head right? When are you coming back? Are you coming back? Are you fucking some other girl? Your such a dick, I miss you... hello?"

F : Um.. yeah... I mean no...

A: "Yeah" your fucking the girl?

F: No! That would be a real conspiracy dear. And no, I'm not banging anyone.

A: Where are you?

F: South Lake Tahoe.

A: Why?

F: Personal business. I just came from a meeting with an old friend in Ukiah.

A: What's her name?

F: Zakari Taniguchi is his name. He is a veteran friend of mine. I had made a pact to meet him back on the first of March and so I did. I'm working my way up to Portland in a few days. I'm sorry I didn't tell you nor pick up your messages, I've just been working though a lot of pain and mental blocks. Honestly I'm still trying to remember much of our friendship.

A: Friendship? You got to be kidding me! Friendship? Is your brain that glitched up? More like partners, pal. My God... it's worse than I thought.

F: You have no idea.

A: When are you coming back home?

F: I don't have a home. It's just an apartment and a shitty one at that. But I'm thinking a few more days out here before I hit the road. What have you been up to the last few weeks? Anything exciting?

A: I'm not one for small talk Fred. You need to bring your ass up here because you got lots of explaining to do! A package came to my door via FedEx addressed for you. I let it sit for a few days but you've have never gotten mail here and have been gone so long that curiosity won and I opened it. Inside was a computer tablet and a hand written note obviously written by a woman's hand. It's some cryptic message. Just a page of nonsense letters with a few recognizable words like "enclave", "psionic", "natives", "Nor-Cal" and "Lake Tahoe". So who is she Fred?

F: I don't know what your talking about. A tablet you say? What's the return address?

A: It says Aiguo Sīkōng. Ramstein Germany, NATO Allied Air Command.

F: ... No shit?

A: No shit. You need to get back here a.s.a.p.

F: Ok, ok. I'll head out tomorrow. I gotta sleep it out tonight.

A: And Fred?

F: Yeah?

A: Don't do that shit again.


Fred rolled his eyes. Another computer? He hadn't even started scratching the surface of the hard drive Gooch gave him. And NATO headquarters? What was that kid Aiguo up to? He just saw him a few days ago back in the California Starbucks, now the kid was in Germany? What the hell? Fred wanted to sort it all out but was too tired to think. As he drifted slowly back to sleep his last thoughts were of Angela Frey and her disgruntled tone. Now, not only was his pain mental, it was becoming surprisingly emotional. The feeling of heat pressed his cold heart. He tried to imagine the ocean and its waves before he finally gave in to sleeps sweet surrender. His dreams were of little gray men.

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Tue 11th Mar 2008 04:14 am
Paradigms of Vigilance

From: The American Underground
It's not murder. It's survival.

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Eris / Nibiru
Tue 11th Mar 2008 04:14 am

My site just got hacked over Eris information. I was emailing all people who had contributed "Nibiru" videos on youtube to check my thread out. Down goes the site 3:15 a.m.

My last post before hack:
I've been doing my Greek History Homework. Eris is very special in the Greek Pantheon, for she has given birth to all fourteen of her children by way of immaculate conception! Every single one of Eris's spawn was birthed without father. They are associated with very negative qualities.

Symbolically speaking, after compiling this list of Eris's children, I am certain that the Planet Eris is one pissed bitch. All your (EL)ectircity are belong to her! If we are lucky enough to survive the predicted mega-storms and tsunamis, the electro magnetic interference is going to scramble brains, DNA, sperm, ovaries and organs. I'm confident this is the reason that the UFO sightings are increasing each and every year. What the true UFO agenda is, it is still unclear but what is clear, is these UFOs are right in line with the Elohim, Nephilim, Annunaki, and Nibiru tales of yore. You would become my enemy because of my pen, yet I only am Mercury bringing you "knews". Do not kill the messenger, for he has many more messages.

Enter: The Reign of Eris

Slyly embedded in the words that these astronomical scientists, astrologers, occultists and Greeks gave us. If Eris really orbits a dark star a.k.a. "brown dwarf" the effects on Earth's plane will be nothing less the than following descriptions of Eris's family tree:

1. Algaea: Female personification of sorrows and pain.

2. Amphillogea: Goddess of disputes.

3. Androctasia: Killer of Men

4. Ate: Female personification of errors, delusions, ruin, folly, blind follies. She led men and Gods to inconsiderate and rash actions. Zeus physically tossed her out from heaven. (Possibly making 13 satellites around Eris)

5. Dysnomia: Female personification of lawlessness. (this is the only officially acknowledged moon of Eris. As it turns out the name Dysnomia was given to a disease/disorder. Dysnomia (Δυσνομία), imagined by Hesiod among the daughters of "abhorred Eris" ("Strife"), is the daemon of "lawlessness", who shares her nature with Ate ("ruin"); Dysnomia as Disorder:"Dysnomia is a marked difficulty in remembering names or recalling words needed for oral or written language. (magnetic fields) Dysnomia can be:
* An inherited learning disability
* A symptom of dementia, including Alzheimer's
* A result (temporary or permanent) of brain trauma, including accidents or stroke
* A side-effect of certain drugs
* A result of aging
* A short-term symptom of conditions including alcohol intoxication, low blood sugar, concussion, fluid/electrolyte imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, hyperthermia, hypothermia and hypoxemia. (all these descriptions are also effects caused by magnetic fields and radiation)

6. Horcus: A Deity who takes vengeance on people who swear false oaths. (Many implications on a spiritual/esoteric level).

7. Lethe: Female personification of forgetfulness. (Magnetic fields wiping memories).

8. Limos: Emaciated (bony: very thin especially from disease or hunger or cold; "emaciated bony hands) Female personification of hunger.

9. Malchai: Simply attributed to "Battles"

10. Neicea: Female personification of grievance and quarrel.

11. Phonos: The Deity of murders and slaughter.

12. Ponos: The personification of hard labor.

13. Pseudia: Goddess of lies and falsehood.

14. Usmine/Hysminai: Goddess of fighting and combat.

Eris's children? Or possible satellites? The images of Planet Eris surfacing on the internet clearly show more than one satellite or moon, contrary to NASA's statements.

I suggest finding high ground away from fault lines and stocking up on water and non-perishable foods. Just as a precaution. But if you have half a brain you'd been getting ready years ago. Unless you think our little alien friends are going to beam you up? Or you could build a boat? Or maybe pray that the Angels take mercy on you?


Angela had to sit. A single tear rolled down her left cheek.
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The ward proved to be a non-secure facility. All his preconceived notions of escape for naught. It was just a matter of walking out the door. Getting to his vehicle, he experiences a sense of relief... a sense familiarity and comfort. He does love driving. He does remember that.

He drove for a long while, the radio silent.

Somewhere from a dream, or from a memory of some film, he heard

"There is no escape"

For some reason he thought of a white rabbit.


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