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Fred was bouncing of the walls. So much so he couldn't even write the thesis out yet. Too much was bubbling to the surface. Quite literally. The little sparkles coming off of things held data. The more he focused on the sparkles the more he realised that he could manipulate them. Not only this, the little energy packets were responsive to his will. With multiple attempts, he tried willing the light packets closer to his eyes so he might see them in detail. What he discovered was far more than he bargained for. After three experiences of the same type, he concluded it was not his eyes playing tricks on him. The light held a numerical code in it! Just like that movie the matrix, except instead of green codes scrolling by, it was a red/burgundy code on a semi-transparent white glass or crystal.

It wasn't long after that before he was visited in his hotel room by visitors unannounced. But there was much more to that story and Fred still didn't have the time. He had spent all his time over the past weeks gather his memories, that and cracking a secret code that was ultra-secret and unbelieveable. With no former training, nor so much as a clue given to him, Fred remembered being motivated to follow his intuition. Nine years later... it payed off. He found what he was looking for, before THEY found him.

In the initial moments he was sure that his "proof" was all he needed to reopen the history books and rewrite this lost and glorious history. That was until he was working on cracking the hexagonal matrix of Metatron's cube, when suddenly he felt eyes on the back of his head... when he turned around to face the eyes of his uninvited guest, his heart slumped and his breath fell short... either he was about to be murdered, or things were just starting to get really, REALLY interesting...

The last known uploads from Fred Mudi's computer have been attached below. There was a note on his hotel room desk that read: (Images not complete... there is new data to intake) This is the start of a very epic time and space. Our heritage once buried and forgotten, has been given a new emissary of steely nerves, skilled hands and a heart of hope filled with zeal of a better tomorrow for us all. Excuse me now, my other worldly guest has beckoned me for council and studies.


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