Feb. 2nd, 2017

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The flashback became more intense. He had to stop the vehicle and consider the imagery rebooting in his brain. He knew he knew this... but he just had such a hard time believing the validity of it all.

The meeting with the unknown was botched. He fucked it all up. Not only forgetting his training but vexed by moral dilemma. Without his father or mother around there was no one to ask; no one to seek for advise. This was all on him.

The signs where all around and where easy to see. Its just now they had new meaning. Old familiar things took on a whole new meaning. Things began to coalesce. Even though he had never truly met his biological father, the thought of him crossed his mind. His father's presence seemed nearer than it ever had before. A curious thought indeed; considering they had never met.

Starting the vehicle, he pulled onto the highway, lighting a cigarette, he bounced the knows off of the unknowns between drags. The cigarette was more for his nerves than for the sake of smoking. The shit was getting heavy... that much was obvious early on, now it was just a matter of commitment. What was that old famous line? From that one flick?

"For King and Country"

Images flashed. White and Red. Blue and Black. A cornucopia of shapes, color and sound all flooded in. The weight of long lost responsibility began to press his mind. Press his heart. It was his heart that lead him here after all - so it would be his heart that he would follow now.

"I dont care what they think. Not all people in this fucked up world are fucked up. Some of us still do have heart". he concluded.

For all the ungodly acts he had been involved in during the war, this seemed nearly pale by comparison. Besides, he knew it was too late now, it was either all or nothing. No turning back. When someone offers you a hand when you are down, you'd be a prideful fool to turn it down. No... there was no turning yellow now. Time to face his fears and accept the choices he had made. He wasn't getting any younger an he knew not to throw away his remaining days... his reptilian brain was firing on all cylinders, it was screaming at him:

"Do or die"

The die had been cast and his course fixed. He needed to find the musician. The musician would set him straight and put him on the proper sheet of music. Training... training was going to be a motherfucker.

Pen Devils

Feb. 2nd, 2017 10:55 pm
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(written 07/17/16 - recorded 07/22/16)

Time Stamp/Song #2:

Wordsmiths and poets sit with pen devils
making lies up for the people, keeping it on the level
the secrets in the lodge keep the truth within the bevel
No time for jelly spines, turning tail or turning yellow.
The diamonds buy the clubs who in turn flog the spades
broken all the hearts on the slave parade.


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