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To: Fred Mudi

From: unknown_dude

Did you see this posted on April 15th?

btw... The tablet was absconded from a woman in Arizona by the Air Force's military police. Aiguo Sīkōng & The Collective obtained an exact reproduction/copy of the device. The only problem is your device will always be on. Even when the battery is "dead". So you might want to watch out for that.

Btw they can't unlock its encryption without your thumbs or eyes, so theres that too.

Also don't think about the thousands of secret scientists analyzing every move you make... that'll just make you nervous.

Safe travels


I'll send the cipher codes when the Iris scan is complete.

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WikiLeaks' 'Vault 7' mystery has conspiracy theorists working overtime to identify 'traitors'

Just a few months ago, WikiLeaks stood at the epicenter of the 24/7 (4/27) news cycle as it dribbled out hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

Since the U.S. presidential election, however, Julian Assange's anti-secrets outfit has fallen back into relative obscurity.

Which, for Assange, is not acceptable. WikiLeaks' 45-year-old Australian founder, holed up for the past six years in Ecuador's London embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden on a rape charge, loves the spotlight. And he knows that, with the internet reaching a chaotic maturity and President Donald Trump embracing various far-out scenarios, conspiracy theories have never been more popular.

And so WikiLeaks in the past week has been putting out cryptic tweets about a mysterious "Vault 7," which has piqued the interest of both conspiracy theorists and straightforward lovers of mind games. Here are some of the tweets, the most recent of which was posted this morning:

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The ward proved to be a non-secure facility. All his preconceived notions of escape for naught. It was just a matter of walking out the door. Getting to his vehicle, he experiences a sense of relief... a sense familiarity and comfort. He does love driving. He does remember that.

He drove for a long while, the radio silent.

Somewhere from a dream, or from a memory of some film, he heard

"There is no escape"

For some reason he thought of a white rabbit.


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