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Someplace near the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas in Ukiah California Fred sits rolling a doob. He had issues now. Aiguo had stolen his image. Fred couldn't pretend that he didn't know that there were risks but he reminded himself that initially the risk was to himself ONLY. It was the heart and actions of others that has lead to the current state of affairs. He was not to blame for locked doors opening from the other side. The aftermath reddens the hands of the guilty parties; no other. Whatever the Collective planned on doing with his work was FAR out of his hands now.

His thoughts flinched. Yes, Fred knew how high the stakes had been raised. He knew that despite his best intent "the machinations of other men" would derail a good thing. Now he knew several people would suffer his hands now. And for what? A game that isn't even real? What a notion!

"Remember this. You made me." he thought. And now the most sacred of your offerings is just a shell of the dream, by YOUR HANDS. Fred accepted his fate. Have they? The cries of protest and the gnashing of teeth will only reenforce his position now.

The Church leaders would be furious of course, this was to be expected. It was the crossfire that was the point of interest. Look at them all backstab each other! Seamlessly knitting together as if it was planned. The whole point of going to that church and reliving some history was a simple plan. Bankers know it well.

Now that those people are eating each other up, Fred had a whole new paradigm. A new monkey wrench. A new way to think outside of the cube. Now for every equation an asterisk has been added.

Why is God spelled backwards "dog"? Because God is mans best friend? Or is it that man should be as obedient to God as a dog to man? Or maybe this was all just philosophy and dogma? Maybe God wasn't even real?

Makes you wonder.
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Someplace in the lowlands of the west.

Fred steps out of a church. Behind him several people are asking him questions, hanging on his previously spoken words. The conglomeration of voices, drowning any coherency. Raising his hands, pleading for them to simmer, he spoke thusly:

"Yes. They are all ONE and THE SAME. Like that movie Looper with Bruce Willis. The Older Man played by Willis is named Joe. The young Joe played by Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt is the present paradigm of Joe. The "RAINMAKER" played by Pierce Gagnon (watchout for his shout!) is the future. The trick is... all three characters are ONE. Just check out the pamphlets I gave you and have a discussion with your Priest(s). It will sink in. We are in this together. I have to hurry now." With that, Fred quickly vanished from the crowd. He wanted to drive to Starbucks.


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