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Taniguchi had put his tea pot and cups away into his pack. The embers of the fire were long dead and so swept aside to the forest floor. The monk leaned forward and with a slight heave, removed the rock that he had wedged between the split bolder. He placed the stone in its original position. The monk regarded Fred curiously.

"Look Mudi, usually you would have responded to me by now with some smart aleck come backs. I can tell you have taken all of this critiquing to heart. This tells me your wounds are rather deep. On Monday I'll be finished with my schooling here and we must reconvene. I'm having a meeting with some trusted friends in about a month and I really want you to be there. In fact, I insist. I'm starting Knight Tech again, except this time, under the radar."

Fred's eyebrows shot up in reply as he asked, "Is that even safe? After everything that happened with the "incident"? Besides, I'm not sure I'd be of any use anymore, I cant remember enough."

The Monk pointed to Fred saying, "That scar on your head," Taniguchi traced the mark on his own forehead. "That was a probability we foresaw a long time ago and we have a contingency plan in place. I also have something for you."

Taniguchi unzipped the smaller pouch on his bag and pulled out a small rectangular box and a cable. He leaned over the gap handing them to Fred saying, "That is two point seven gigs of data on our lab projects and memories you found most sacred, including your abduction regressions. Just be sure your alone and sitting while going through that stuff, it will trigger a lot in you."

Fred accepted the external hard drive a bit befuddled by what he had just heard. "Wait. By what you just said, I've inferred that you know more about what happened to my memories? What the fuck Gooch? If you know something you better say it! What the hell happened to me?"

Taniguchi closed his eyes slowly and waved off Fred's frustration and anger. He opened his eyes saying, "There isn't much more to discuss of that topic" as he traced the path of Fred's scar on his own forehead again. "Let's just say that loose ends can be tied in knots. For now I must make my final preparations for the coming celebration. If you are still in town by Monday, I invite you to partake in the evenings festivities! Come, it is time for evening prayers, I have to head back to the temple now." With that, Gooch suddenly jumped to his feet with a start, slinging his backpack over his shoulder. He raised his left leg and both hands in the "Standing Crane" position. He let out his best Bruce Lee, Kung Fu wail and with the agility of a gymnast did a complete side flip off of the top of the ten foot boulder landing gracefully in the grass below. Fred stood in shock as the Monk went into the Standing Crane once more. Flashing that brilliant smile at Fred, the Monk then dashed off through the glade on the previously trodden path. Fred slowly and haphazardly climbed down the bolderface. Reaching the ground, he half trotted, half walked after the Monk.


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